Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Going to be a great year....

This weather the last couple days has been great. I only wish the season was here and I was sitting in a stand.Last night I spent a couple of hours with BK dialing in my bow. Today I went out and checked my trail cameras. I got several pics of both bucks and does. The best is a 8 pt buck with a very wide rack. I sure hope I get a crack at him!

More Movement

I went out and checked 3 of my cameras today. There were a lot of pictures over the past 8 days I had a total of 77 pictures. The cold weather has the deer on there feet and I got a lot of my pictures under licking branches and places where scrapes usually are. I got a couple more pictures of what I think is the same nine point I posted in velvet. The only thing is...I am not so sure he is a nine point. I think he may be a big 7 point. I have one pic of him facing the camera and I don't see brow tines, there is some glare so I guess they could be there, but if they are....they aren't very big. Either way he is a good buck and I don't eat the horns anyway!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Another good buck

I got out today and was able to check a couple cameras, and get a couple more out. I didn't get a lot of pictures, but I did get one good 9 pointer feeding in the oaks. I had a bunch of doe pics, but only the one buck. I shifted the cameras all into the oaks. There are a lot of nuts dropping and good sign in those areas. I did find one fresh rub but i didn't spend a lot of time poking around, I just got in and out. I have four cameras out now, and should start getting more pics as the weather gets cool and October approaches.