Sunday, October 27, 2013

This Seasons Bucks

I think its time throw out a blog update and show a few of the bucks that are around for 2013. The first is a big nine point, I have had his pics for a few years and I think he would ahve scored better last year as a 10 point with stickers but he's no slouch this year, and i would love to get a crack at him.
The second Is a big six point that I had one picture of in late September in velvet. He is now back in the same place that the big nine lives. The six is by far the dominant buck and I have video of him pushing the nine point around several times.
The third is decent 8 point I have a few videos of, he seems to live near where I hit my buck last year. My brother actually got him on video in that area making a scrape just this week.

There is one other buck we are calling the mutant. He is a big bodied buck that I think is an 8 point. It is possible that he is the buck that I hit last year. He lives in the same place, and is about the same size (body). I guess we will never know unless I get the chance to shoot him and see if my rage broadhead is in his shoulder.
and here are a couple small bucks checking scrapes...
My time-off starts on Nov. 2nd, hopefully I can fill a tag and make a post about a successful hunt. Hopefully Bunny can fill his second tag before he kills himself hiking out to my old stand spot over and over again.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Oct. 22 early buck

In August Brian offered o show me a spot he used to hunt until he became lazy and wanted bigger deer that were easy to get to.  So I took him up on it and he dragged me a mile out and up a steep mountain.  It was a perfect spot and I would gladly kill myself to hike out there and hunt it

By early Oct I had pictures of 4 bucks regularly out there.  Opening day came and I sat all day I was in by 6 am and at 620 PM 4 bucks came through but not where I could shoot and the light was fading fast.  By the time they were in my lanes I couldn't see my pins.  Two of the big ones started fighting and smashing their antlers together pushing each other around and grunting. 

I stayed till they were gone and got down at 7:30.  The next morning I was right back determined to sit all day again.  Seated by six and it was windy so I couldn't really hear well.  At 7:10 I spotted a six point coming up t
he logging road.  He circled around and came into my mock scrape sniffed around and started eating.  At 7:20 he was quartering away at maybe ten yards so I took him.  Double lung hit ran maybe 50 yards and went down.  6 PT 126 LB.