Wednesday, September 30, 2015

First Post of 2015

Things have been pretty busy and I haven't been checking cameras like I normally would be, but a few people have been asking for a post so I guess now is as good a time as any.

To start: I think my brother was able to capture the buck I hit in the shoulder 2 years ago on video. If you look back you'll see that I saw the buck the year after I hit him but his rack was a mess. Last year I was not able to capture him on video and wondered if he may have died at the hands of another hunter, coyote, or just the rough winter. Turns out none of the above may be true, this could be him, He had 5 on the left and the side that I hit him on (the same side he was screwed up on the year following the hit seems to have 2 (maybe 3) points on it. Here the video...

Thesceond buck on the list is a buck that we only got pics of last year during the rut, he was a big 9 with a 8" drop tine. This year it doesnt look like he's going to have the drop tine, if he does it wont be as big as last year. We seem to have figured out where this buck likes to spend some time, but only time will tell if we are going to see more of him during the rut. Heres a video of him from late July, I have some more recent vids of him but they aren't as clear....yes he's even bigger than this video.
I have one other big buck that I have been watching this summer. Its a wide frame 8 point that I located late last season. I have the bucks summer home really pinned down, I have about 100 videos of him coming out of one particular thick patch of mountain laurel. There are several does living in the same patch so hopefully he will stay nearby and rut in this area...if he does this may be the buck I spend the most time on. He is way out in the woods and should see zero pressure. I also have some very huntable stands in his area (although I'm not going to enjoy the long morning walks). 

I have some smaller bucks as well, the smaller bucks seem to be starting to feel a little frisky and are starting to check into some scrape areas. I'll probably start to check cameras every couple weeks now leading into the season so that I can figure out which bucks are moving in which areas. There are a ton of acorns in the woods, which should make for some fat deer, but could also lead to difficult hunting due to food being everywhere. Time will tell!