Tuesday, August 31, 2010

2010 Bucks

My cameras have been out since the first part of July. I got one decent buck on July 5 but haven't had any buck activity until about the last two weeks. Plenty of does and fawns a bear with two cubs and a bobcat carrying a squirrel. These pictures are all from MA. I haven't been to NH yet.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

get the bows ready, season is coming!!!

This past week we had a full moon on the 24th. I would definitely say, the bucks were on the move that night. I had another buck too on that night, but I didn't post it. Now that we are just about done with August I think we will see a spike in buck activity, more and more movement.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Excited for 2010

I hope everyone reading this post is as excited about the 2010 season as I am. I was fortunate enough to get a doe permit, Three years ago I would have told you that's all there was in my area but lately I have seen more bucks than does.

I got out the trail cam a few weeks ago and set up in an area that was logged a couple of years ago. I was only able to leave it out for about a week before I had to know if there had been any deer in the area. I hopped on my quad mid day. As I got to the are were the camera was I caught the silhouette of a nice 6pt buck. Luckily I had a digital camera with me to view my trail cam pics. I shut the quad down and took a few pics. It was pretty cool. A check of my trail cam showed me more pics of the 6pt I saw and another possibly another buck. I moved the trail cam to another area hoping to see some of the racks I saw last year.

Preseason Update

Showtime again!! It's time to get the camera's back out again and see what we can find for horns. I have had mine out for about 2 weeks or so and got my first buck pic a few days ago. It looks like a decent 8 point. I have had quite a few doe pics. Here are a couple of the pics. Let me know if anyone needs help remembering how to use the blog or needs any of their sign on info.