Sunday, October 14, 2012

More of the Big 10

Here are a couple vids of the same big buck  i posted about below. I had a stand on this run last year. It's where a large run comes out of some laurel. The stand needed an east wind to hunt which only happened once last year and it was pouring rain on that day. I pulled the stand and moved it about 400yds north which is where I got his pic in the post below (I can hunt that stand on a south wind). Seeing the stand wasn't at this location anymore I moved a cam in for two weeks. I got several does, a spike, a fork horn, and this big boy who stays around and gets caught on about 6 videos.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

2012 first look

       Ok, I guess Paul was right when he emailed saying we needed an update on here goes. As we get ready to kick off opening day in a week or so, I can only hope to bump into a couple of the deer that we have had velvet, and a few hard horn pics of....and here's a quick hit list.
       One of the first bucks I had a pic of on this new property in 2010 is back. he was a nice 8 point in 2010, he was a very big 8 point with a kickers off his g2's in 2011, and this year he is a 10point with just one kicker off his left side g2 (so i guess he's be and 11). I've put in a pic from each year below...

This is definitely a buck i would not mind running into, the problem is he lives in a tough spot and I only have 2 tree stands near his home, and both require odd winds to hunt. There are also two other 9 points in the area...

 There is one decent 8...

 There is also a smaller 8 point, two small 7 points, a fork horn,and a spike. These are just the bucks we have managed to catch on camera, who knows what else may be hiding in the laurel. We have been slowly removing cameras from the areas near our stands, so we don't have hard horn pics of all the bucks. At this point we are just playing our cards and hoping that a couple of these bucks stick around, we believe they will because they did last year. We will be holding off on our best spots until we get closer to November. We do have video of a giant 10 point, that we believe may be the buck we found the sheds from last winter. He is huge, with 12'' g2's and g3's, and probably 6 plus inch brows...he may end up grossing 150'' or more. We only have video of him, and he is not right in front of the camera, so its hard to tell exactly how big he is...but it is not hard to tell that he is huge! He is traveling with the 9 point in the upper left.
        I guess that's it for now, and with only a week left until opening day I hope the next post I see is of someones kill...maybe even my own.