Tuesday, December 6, 2011

First buck

On Monday Dec. 5, I had a road job in Conway. Luckily one of the Asplundh guys got bit by 3 ticks and had a bulls eye the size of a quarter on his arm and the crew had to leave at noon. I decided to run out to a stand I had in the hardwoods where I had pictures of a 4 pt on Sunday morning at 8:45 AM.

Climbed in and waited and at 4:45 PM I heard a deer wealking and I knew it was close. Walked by in front of me at about 20 yards, saw the first horns I've seen all fall in MA. Put the scope on it and touched off the knight muzzle loader. Smoke and flames and I could hear him run and fall. Its a 4 PT weighed 113 lbs.